Welcome Sepolno Krajenskie

Visiting students and teachers from Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1, Sępólno Krajeńskie, arrived at the 5th Primary School of Florina “Theodoros Kastanos” in the morning. After a warm welcome, students and teachers watched two introductory short videos that each school had prepared. The videos were made by students and creatively presented the history of each town (Florina and Sepolno Krajenskie) and the two schools.

Afterward, students played a treasure hunt game in the school in mixed groups to strengthen cooperation. Clues written in different languages were hidden in various places inside and outside school classrooms. Each group had to find all clues to find the hidden treasure. Each clue led them to the next one. This activity was designed by teachers of the 5th Primary School celebrating the European day of languages.

Students also played online quiz games that both schools had prepared for the occasion. Again in mixed groups, students tried to find the correct answers as quickly as possible to give their team the extra points!

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