Hosting students from Lliçà d’Amunt, reFashion project

From 8/5/2023 to 12/5/2023, our consortium hosted eight students and two teachers from INSTITUT ESCOLA MIQUEL MARTÍ I POL from Lliçà d’Amunt for the reFashion project.

On Monday, 8/5, our guests visited the Experimental Primary School of Florina, and they attended workshops using Microbit as a controller for smart fashion, as well as using laser CNC to print logos on fabric.

During the evening, they visited the OXIF Fencing Club of Florina for a demonstration of one of the most popular sports in our town.

On Tuesday, 9/5, they visited the 5th Primary School of Florina, where they attended workshops about creating art with used clothes. They also had the chance to see the work of our students on smart bands created by recycled plastic and Microbit microcontrollers. In the afternoon, they visited a local art exhibition and participated in local dance lessons at Aristotelis cultural club.

On Wednesday, 10/5, after a short tour of the local market of Florina, our guests visited the Ydrousa Primary School. They attended workshops on using traditional looms, and they cooperated with the local students in the garden.

On Thursday, 11/5 students from all schools presented their work in the Modern Art Museum of Florina in an exhibition open to the public.

On Friday, 12/5, students and teachers from all schools visited the Arcturos bear, lynx, and wolf sanctuaries in Nymfaio and Agrapidia.

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