Hosting teachers from CEIP Francisca Romero, Sevilla

Our consortium hosted Fran and Alejandro from CEIP Francisca Romero for job-shadowing activities between 29/05/2023 and 02/06/2023 as part of the project Practical STEAM.

Sustainable Art

They attended student workshops in the 5th Primary School of Florina led by two of our teachers (Areti Oikonomidou and Maria Perivolari) about creating art with used materials.

They also attended a student robotics workshop for creating sustainable kinetic sculptures with Lego in the same school, led by our ICT teacher, Ioannis Arvanitakis.

Educational robotics for first graders

They also attended a workshop in the Experimental Primary School of Florina, on how to introduce educational robotics to first graders and kindergarten students. The workshop was led by our teacher, Ioannis Arvanitakis, and the theme was to study bioluminescence in a fun way.

Design Thinking Methodology

During their visit to the Experimental Primary School of Florina, they also attended a student workshop on Design Thinking, led by Ioannis Arvanitakis. Students tried to find solutions to a local environmental problem (animal paths disturbed by highways) using the WeDesign!ForSTEAM Toolset.

School garden in a rural school

They also visited the Ydrousa Primary School, where they discussed with the local teachers and students about the implementation of their school garden project.

Outdoor activities

They also had the chance to follow our teachers and students to outdoor activities. A field trip to the Vergina ancient Macedonian tombs, a visit to the Arcturos protected bear habitat and a mushroom hunt in the local forests.

Our cooperation was very successful, and we had a great time during the activities. We want to thank Fran and Alejandro for their active participation, and we are hoping to see them again soon.

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