Hosting teachers from Monzon

The schools of our consortium hosted three teachers from CEIP Aragon from Monzon, Spain, between 20-24 November 2023. The visiting teachers were interested in learning about the Greek educational system and the school organization, teaching methodologies, and activity design concerning sustainability, inclusion, diversity, literacy, and physical education.

Monday 20/11/2023

Our guests visited the Primary School of Ydrousa. They were informed about the school’s organization and facilities and the school’s participation in various Erasmus+ projects in the previous years, by the director, Mrs. Evgenia Gaki, and Mrs. Irene Psarouba.

Our teacher Mr. Stavros Zografos presented the program “Young Mushroom Friends” that the school is implementing and accompanied them in the nearby forest, where they identified and collected local mushrooms. They also visited the school’s garden.

Our guests also had the chance to teach English in the 4th and 6th grades, presenting a game-based methodology they are following in their bilingual school.

Tuesday 21/11/2023

Our guests visited the 5th Primary School of Florina “Theodoros Kastanos”. Initially they were given a tour of our school, the 5th Kindergarten and the Special School and we talked about the programs and innovative activities that we design and implement in both our schools.

Afterwards, the teachers of the 3rd and 4th grades (Londraki Theodora, Misiou Eleni and Mousia Roula) presented traditional outdoor games, while the 5th grade students played chess in our school yard. We discussed how inclusion and acceptance of diversity can be achieved through play.

This was followed by the presentation of works of art and musical instruments made of paper, fabrics, caps, buttons, straws, leaves, branches, etc., and a workshop on making jewelry and accessories from recyclable materials (Georgos Katikaridis, Oikonomidou Areti). During the workshop we had the opportunity to talk about ways to stimulate children’s ecological consciousness and about sustainability in art.

Lucia from the visiting school taught English in the fourth grade, presenting the methodologies that her school in Monzon utilizes. During the last hour of the program we talked about shadow theater and ReFashion and they presented their school to teachers and students.

Wednesday 22/11/2023

Our Spanish colleagues visited the Vevi Primary School. There, they were given a tour of the school’s classrooms, attended a lesson and also taught English and physical education (team games using a small ball and ropes) to the 4th, 5th and 6th grades of the school. They observed the school’s Weather Station, the green renewable energy kit and the school’s vegetable garden.

They then visited the Environmental Education Center of Vevi where they were informed about the progress in the energy transformation of the area. They also visited the area’s wind power farm, observing large wind turbines up close.

In the afternoon our guests visited the Experimental Primary School of Florina where they had the chance to attend the reading club of our school that is organized by our teacher Alexis Tsoulis and also our Maker Lab and robotics club that is organized by Giannis Arvanitakis along with Sotiris Georgiou and Elena Oikonomidou from the Innovation in Education Hub of Florina.

Thursday 23/11/2023

Our guests visited the Experimental Primary School of Florina where they had the chance to tour our facilities and discuss with our teachers and director about the organization of the school and the activities.

They attended a sustainability workshop with the 4th grade class, organized by our teacher Natasa Kappatou and they also attended a robotics workshop with the same class about space exploration, organized by Giannis Arvanitakis.

Our Spanish collegues discussed with our English teacher Smaro Papapantazi about the methodologies and activity design in our schools and they presented their game-based activities to the students of the 5th grade.

Friday 24/11/2023

Our guests visited the Arcturos bear, wolf and Lynx protection and information center in Nymfaio and Agrapidia.

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