Hosting teachers from Brăila

The schools of our consortium hosted six teachers from the Radu Tudoran School in Braila, Romania, during the week between 4/12/2023 and 8/12/2023.

On Monday, 4/12, they visited the Ydrousa school where, after the tour they attended activities about diversity and inclusion with the first and second grade. They also attended activities using the Braille code and making 3d paintings with reusable materials.

They also attended the activity “Understanding inclusion – a bag of difference” and the songs about diversity. After the end of the classes, they were accompanied by local teachers to the village of Drosopigi, where they visited the cultural museum.

In the evening, they also visited the Innovation in Education Hub of Florina, where Sotiris Georgiou and Elena Oikonomidou presented their activities for first graders using the mTiny robotics platform.

On Tuesday, 5/12, they visited the 5th Primary School of Florina, where they attended the activity “One hug for many different friends,” which is about the needs of people with disabilities and the acceptance of diversity and it was prepared by Lazaros Bragiantsis and Athina Psychogianni. They also attended Experiential activities around inclusion and diversity prepared by Vaso Tsouka, Ifigeneia Androutsou, and Aggeliki Mouratidou.

They also had the chance to participate in the musical workshop “We are all different and the same” by Eleni Missiou, and Roula Mousiou and to see students do traditional Florina dances prepared by Theodora Londraki.

In the evening, they visited the village of Nymfaio and the Artcuros animal sanctuaries.

On Wednesday, 6/12, they visited the Primary School of Vevi, where they attended Greek language lessons in first grade and Empathy activities about inclusion. They visited the school garden and the school weather station, and they also had the chance to visit the wind farm in the area.

In the evening, they had the chance to visit the Makers’ lab of the Experimental Primary School of Florina and witness student teams work on their projects.

On Thursday, 7/12, they visited the Experimental Primary School of Florina, where they attended a first aid workshop by the students from the Rescuers Club of the school, organized by Stefania Blouchou. They also attended a spelling class with first graders organized by Christina Lazaridou and diversity game activities in 4th grade that were organized by Natasa Kapatou and Olympia Papathanasiou. They also had the chance to attend a Design Thinking session with 4th graders, prepared by Giannis Arvanitakis, that was aimed at designing games for people with disabilities.

On Friday, 8/12, we had a last meeting with the visiting teachers where we discussed the activities and the implementation, and the closing ceremony took place.

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