Dream Planet in Florina

The second Students Group Mobility of the Dream Planet project took place in Florina Greece, between 8-12 April 2024. Apart from the six students and three teachers from CEIP Guliena and six students and three teachers from Sviland Skule from Norway we also invited and hosted ten students and four teachers from Šiaulių Sandoros progimnazija, from Lithuania, who were working on a similar subject. In total the number of students that paricipated in the weeks acitivites were 42 including students from the local schools.

Monday 8 of April

On Monday morning we welcomed our guests in a ceremony that was held in the Municipal amphitheatre of Florina. All participating schools presented their countries, cities and their work on the program. Students from the local schools and presented local dances and also performed traditional greek songs for our guests. The dance team from Aristotelis Cultural Club was kind enough to participate on the ceremony, performing traditional greek dances. After the end of the ceremony we had a quick tour of our town.

In the evening students and teachers participated in the warm up activitie “SELFIE Florina!”. They were split in six groups and each group had a tablet with an app that the Experimental School of Florina has developed. The app guides the team in the city of Florina and gives the instructions to take funny selfies in front of historic sites.

Tuesday 9 of April

The morning activites took place at the 5th Primary School of Florina “Theodoros Kastanos”. After a quick tour students and teachers got into work and created their works of art using various techniques. Two more workshops followed: one about the traditional shadow theater “Karagiozis” and one about 3D designing an ESA rocket using TinkerCAD.

Wednesday 10 of April

The morning activites took place at the Primary School of Vevi. After a quick tour students participated in two workshops: Programming Thymio robots to simulate the planets of our solar system and using Raspberry Pi to program sensors. Students also had the chance to view a short movie in the mobile planetarium that was hosted in the school yard.

In the evening students and teachers visited the Alpha Estate Winery, the Arcturos bear protection habitat and the museum of erasers and sharpeners in the area, and they had dinner by the lake at Limnochori.

Thursday 11 of April

On Thursday morning the activities were hosted at the Experimental Primary School of Florina. Three paraller workshops were attended by all students: 3D design a Mars Colony with various design challenges, Stop motion animation, and a mix of online and offline games created by our staff for this event.

Friday 12 of April

The ending ceremony and the staff meeting took place at the Experimental Primary School of Florina at the last day of the program.

During the week students from Lithuania were hosted in local families and the students from Spain and Norway were also hosted on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. All participants created new and lasting friends! Next stop Sviland, Norway!

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