Dream Planet goes Sviland!

Students and teachers from the schools of our consortium (Experimental Primary School of Florina, 5th Primary School of Florina and Primary School of Vevi) participated in the third LTTA of the Dream Planet project that was held at the Sviland Skule in Norway between 13-17 of May 2024, with empasis on robotics and STEM activities.

The teams from Florina and Guillena arrived at Sviland on the 12th of May and they had the chance to visit the Petroleum museum at Stavanger.

On Monday (13/4) the organizers held the welcome ceremony and they gave the visiting teams a tour around the school. All participants presented their schools and towns and the working day ended with Community building activities. The visiting students from Spain and Greece visited local families in the afternoon and they spent time with them.

On Tuesday (14/4) students and teachers from all the schools visited the Vitengarden Science Museum where they took part in various STEM activities in groups. The themes of the activities were:

  • Making Windmills: Learning and explore how energy resources are made through experiments and games. How can we utilize wind resources to create energi at a “Dream Planet”
  • Learn how robitics can help us to make a sustainable life at a “Dream Planet”
  • Learning about how different biological waste can create sustainable energy. Methane is one of the gases i biological waste. There are also some methane gas at the planet Mars. What can we use that for, when thinking of our Dream Planet?

On Wendesday (15/4) all teams visited a local farm that uses robotics and continued with the STEM and Robotics acitivities and workshops:

  • Programming different robots, like Lego WeDo and Lego Spike.
  • Learn to use robots to make a sustainable environment.
  • Learn how to program robots to make different moves.

On Thursday (16/4) all students and teachers participated in various STEM and robotics activities and workshops at the school and they had the chance to attend a presentation by students of the 7th grade and play Traditional games organized by them.

On Friday (17/4) it was the Constitution day of Norway and all participants got the chance to play various games organized by the hosts.

We want to say a warm thank you to the hosts from the Sviland Skule for their wonderful organization!

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