This android application shows a map of Florina and seven different places of interest as pins. For each pin, there is a corresponding photo from the past. When the user clicks on a pin, a photo from the past appears, and the user can take a new selfie corresponding to that place. After the new picture is taken, it is stored in the app, and it shows together with the past foto. GPS also tracks the users’ location, helping them navigate the city and the places of interest.

The app is used in cultural walks through the town center, where student teams are challenged to find each place of interest while walking around Florina and taking new contemporary selfie photos.

You can install the application on your phone by following this link or by scanning the QR code below

The source code of the app is freely available to anyone. This way, there can be multiple apps for different cities and other places of interest. You can download the source aia file for the app inventor from this link.