Our consortium (CHAIN) consists of 3 Primary schools in northern Greece, two urban and one rural, with a total of 360 students aged 6-12 years old. The 5th Primary School of Florina, “Theodoros Kastanos”, which is the head of the consortium, and the Experimental Primary School of Florina serve students from the city of Florina, while the Ydrousa Primary School serves children from 6 different villages in the area. Although each school follows the same national curriculum, it specializes and focuses on different thematic areas and subjects:

  • The 5th Primary School “Theodoros Kastanos” specializes in issues concerning our common cultural heritage, history, the arts, and gender equality.
  • The Experimental Primary School emphasizes STEAM, educational robotics, design, and creative thinking and has a fully equipped Maker Lab. It organizes and implements evening clubs with students from all the schools in the area, and since 2019, it has provided opportunities for older students (13-18 years old) and supports them with STEAM projects.
  • The Ydrousa Primary School focuses more on sustainability, the environment, biodiversity, and local production. It also gives attention to the inclusion of students with fewer opportunities, with learning problems, and with special needs,

The vision of our consortium is to establish an educational network of schools and other educational institutions from European countries, focusing on highlighting our common cultural heritage and our common energy and environmental future. A network with well-defined, organized, and functional structures and procedures for the integration of new members, for communication between partners, for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of joint projects, and for the dissemination of results. Our goals are:

  • Highlight our common European cultural heritage and our common future.
  • Develop digital skills for use in innovative practices of cooperation between schools from different countries.
  • Develop intercultural pedagogy strategies.
  • Develop a collaboration methodology between educational organizations using innovative strategies and digital tools.


Our consortium has an Erasmus+ accreditation (2021-1-EL01-KA120-SCH-000051589) for the next 5 years. For the school years 2022-2023 and 2023-2024, we are looking for partner schools that will work with us on the following activities:

  • Students short-term mobilities
  • Job shadowing for teachers
  • Teacher training
  • eTwinning projects