How can we apply STEAM methodology inside and outside the classroom in different meaningful contexts? This basic question drives this job-shadowing project between our consortium and two schools from Spain, CEIP Francisco Romero from Seville and CEIP Profesora Pilar Martínez Cruz from Huelva.

Activities of the project

  • Hosting teachers from CEIP Francisca Romero, Sevilla

    Hosting teachers from CEIP Francisca Romero, Sevilla

    Our consortium hosted Fran and Alejandro from CEIP Francisca Romero for job-shadowing activities between 29/05/2023 and 02/06/2023 as part of the project Practical STEAM. Sustainable Art They attended student workshops in the 5th Primary School of Florina led by two of our teachers (Areti Oikonomidou and Maria Perivolari) about creating art with used materials. They…

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  • Hosting teachers from Huelva for job shadowing

    Hosting teachers from Huelva for job shadowing

    The headteacher and two more teachers from the  CEIP Profesora Pilar Martínez Cruz school from Huelva, Spain, visited our consortium for job shadowing activities. Their school has started to implement the STEAM methodology in the last two years, and they wanted to exchange good practices in this field. Our consortium organized for them a learning program…

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  • Job shadowing in Seville

    Job shadowing in Seville

    Two teachers and one head teacher from the schools of our consortium visited CEIP Francisca Romero in Sevilla, Spain, for a five days job shadowing program. Our colleagues there had prepared a learning program that included the following: The experiences that the three teachers gained are valuable and will be presented to the rest of…

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