Is establishing a new human colony on another planet possible? How difficult is this task, and how can we organize to achieve such an accomplishment? What lessons can we take from our life on Earth, and what are the limitations of the red planet? How will we build a new society in another world, and which planet will we choose?

Three schools of our Consortium 5th Primary School of Florina “Theodoros Kastanos”, Experimental Primary School of Florina, and Primary School of Vevi) along with two more schools CEIP Guliena from Spain and Sviland Skule from Norway, tackle these questions in this new and exciting project!

There are many subthemes that we can research during the project:

  • Transportation to and from another planet:
    • Rocket design
    • Moonbase as an intermediate stop
    • Space garbage and the danger they pose, etc.
  • Sustain life on another planet:
    • Efficient shelter design and protection against a hostile environment,
    • Creating oxygen and finding water
    • Food and sustainable farming
    • Getting local resources
    • Energy production
    • Telecommunications
  • Robots and machinery:
    • Design autonomous robots for various tasks
    • Programming
  • Design a new society:
    • Citizenship
    • Governance
    • Land ownership
    • Rules in the New Society