In this project, we explore ways in which art exhibitions and outdoor activities can be utilized in educational methodology and practices using innovative technologies. We collaborate with Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 from Sępólno Krajeńskie in Poland.

We have arranged two group-student mobilities, where we will implement specific teaching scenarios:

Activities in Florina 26/9/2022 – 30/9/2022

The first leg of our project involved the visit of seven students and three accompanying teachers from Sępólno Krajeńskie in Florina, where they worked together with their peers from the three schools of our consortium in the following activities:

reVisit Art Museums

Students from all participating schools visited the Modern Art Museum of Florina. They attended a presentation of the VR exhibition “Jews of Florina,” and they navigated through the artifacts using handheld devices. They also attended a presentation on the AR capabilities of paintings using an application on tablets.

In the next stage of the activity, students worked in mixed groups from all schools. Each group had a tablet, and their objective was to find a specific painting and create a drawing based on that on their tablet using a drawing app. They also had to create a short story explaining what they thought the painting was about or why the artist decided to create it.

Cultural walks App

Students from all participating schools first attended a workshop at the Experimental Primary School of Florina on creating smartphone apps using AppInventor. They worked in mixed groups, and their goal was to create a game to help them explore Florina using old town photos.

In the afternoon of the same day, student teams used the app they had developed and played the Florina Cultural Walk game. The app showed a Florina map with several pins corresponding to an old photo of that building. Each team had to locate the building and take a group selfie in that position.

Smart devices for orienteering

Students attended a smart devices workshop using the Microbit platform, and in the evening, they used these devices to navigate through the forest in orienteering activities.

Field trips to Prespes and Ydrousa

Students and teachers visited the National park of Prespes and attended cultural activities. They also visited Ydrousa, where they participated in activities for local dances and school gardens with local plants.

Activities in Sepolno Krajenskie 29/5/2023 – 2/6/2023

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